Rapid-Release Coupling
Disconnect any tool joint with a simple hand-tool operation!

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Simple half-turn with allen wrench engages spline
to transmit torque. Disengages just as easily!

 Eliminates the headache of breaking-out and making-up tool joints.
          Save time and money! Ensure safety!

 Thread unit together by hand and engage using a half turn with an allen wrench.

 The easiest and safest method for attachment and disconnect of sonde housings,
reamers, drill heads and mud motors.

 Eliminates the need for cumbersome and dangerous break-out tools.

 Designed to push and pull at full machine capacity.

 No external components to drag-in-the-hole and wear out.

 Surface treatment reduces corrosion and risk of thread damage.

 Assembled coupling sealed to over 2000 PSI drilling pressure.

 Manufactured using heat treated chrome-moly alloy steel.

  Part Number   Diameter (Inches)   Threads
  D454   2.5"   2 API  I.F. Box
  D453   3.25"   2-3/8 API Reg Box
  D452   4.0"   2-3/8 API Reg Box
  D455   5.0"   2-7/8 API  I.F. Box

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